September 20, 2021 11:38 am

Peace, Love, Ukulele: Discovering Jake Shimabukuro

You know, I’m getting sick and tired of people putting down New Age music. Especially when most of the people who say they don’t like it secretly have an Enya or other “soothing” CD in their music collection.

The term “new age” has gotten mixed up with music in such a way that normally well meaning and intelligent people think there’s something amiss with it. They believe that it’s not OK to like a music that is peaceful and beautiful – especially when the connotation is that it’s somehow “evil” or bad.

It all began back in the early 1980’s. You remember don’t you? Twelve-step groups, Reagan, etc. Most of us were listening to the pop stylings of Madonna and Wham.

Then one day, a new sound actually appeared on mainstream radio. “What was this,” I asked myself? It was music like I had never heard before. It  .svgdaily was piano, yes, but it was more than that. It was George Winston and the CD was called December.

So poignant was this music, so full of longing and beauty, I had to have it. I purchased the CD shortly thereafter and am still amazed by it!

Here’s the thing. I know that most of you have heard of George Winston and know what New Age piano is. It’s just not “hip” to like it and admit it out loud to your friends. I understand. We all want to be cool and share those things about us that will impress our friends. Who wants to admit that they secretly like “elevator music” as it is so frequently called?

I’ll admit it. I love New Age piano music!

You know, the sad thing about all of this is that the world really needs this kind of music right now. It needs beauty and it needs it badly. What’s so funny about peace, love, and New Age piano? Not a thing thank you.

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