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e Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed

The Council of Nicaea faced a dilemma when called together by Emperor Constantine to establish the Roman Catholic Church. The only religion they had in common was Islam, as my research shows. It is based on sun worship and its chief god is ‘Ma-r-i’ which translates as ‘Mother’s powerful eye’ and is Mary in English. From this beginning emerged all Christian and Muslim branches of it.

Babylon was the source of all religions and it was the home of the Amors. The flag of Islam displays the sun-star cradled in the crescent moon as a symbol of that belief.

The Amorites raided, invaded, enslaved, murdered and manipulated their way to supreme power throughout the Mesopotamian region and then throughout the Mediterranean. They built the city of Roma (reverse Amor) that, like Mari, their previous capital sits on seven hills. cansa

Constantine was one of their numbers and his bishops knew nothing but the Islamic religion. He put Mari (Mary) into his new version of it as the Mother of God. Revelation 13:13-18 tells of how he invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship it. It also reveals how he took control of commerce and industry and that anyone who trades bears his number, 666.

To make it credible he used the Indian Vedic religion as a source of ideas and Christ was based on Chrishna (Krishna) the third person of its Trinity. He was not worried about authenticity as his sole intent was power and control. By forcing people into his religious ideology he could manipulate the kingdom through the parliament he also established – the Vatican. It answered only to him.

Krishna is the Christ of his belief system and he was born of a virgin, Maia, and was whisked off to Egypt to escape the slaughter of infants ordered by the evil king, Cansa. He returned to India at age 12 and the first miracle was changing water to wine. The story was already in place and ready to be copied.

The dilemma the Council of Nicaea faced was changing Mother God to Father God. To overcome the resistance to his new ideology she was given the role of Mother of God, the virgin who produced Christ. Revelation 17 declares she is Babylon the Great or, in other words, the reigning god of the world.

The Romans used creeds to enforce their religion and the first, the Apostle’s Creed, was presented to the Council by Eusebius. He was the one who declared that Constantine converted to Christianity which is false. Soon after the religion was founded he moved to Constantinople in Turkey, an Islamic nation. Eusebius has been branded a forger as many of his documents were redesigned after the emperor’s death.

The Lord’s Prayer is a creed that was written by the church to encourage people to believe in the Father God. This was an essential part of putting across the Son of God as the man on the cross. By saying it over and over the idea of heaven and hell and the virgin birth is cemented in people’s minds.

My reincarnation proved there is no heaven or hell and devils, angels and saints are religious window dressing. Thinking people can see through the tricks when one examines the size of the universe, the fact that the earth is not the center of it, and the now confirmed facts about evolution. These things contradict a ‘heavenly’ kingdom for which the CC claims it holds the keys.

Given too that the Spirit is a mighty creative and powerful force it could not be contained in a body so the idea that Christ is God is ludicrous. Isaiah 45:4-8 clearly states that there is one Spirit which is responsible for all things, including good and evil. It also states that heaven will fade away to reveal righteousness and that hell is a myth.

The above quoted passage contradicts the wording of the prayer and that of the Apostle’s Creed. It is still a requirement in some systems that believers state them out loud in order to confirm belief in them.



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