September 20, 2021 10:25 am

Turn Your Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquet Into a Love Poem

We’ve all heard sayings about words being overrated. Most people in love also know that the best way to woo someone is through gestures, tiny acts and thoughtful gifts rather than with words that only end up sounding clumsy. If the roses are fresh, the wine smooth, and the chocolate just to a loved one’s taste, you know that your date will go just fine.

If you have ever read old romantic tales, you may know that flowers can also tell stories. Every flower is a symbol for a specific emotion or sentence – the red rose is known as a symbol of eternal love, for example.

Here are some lovely bouquets to convey your feelings to your Valentine on Valentine’s Day – acceptance, rejection and flirtation all have their place here.

To show your rejection you can put together a bouquet dominated by yellow carnations, which show your rejection and disappointment in the one who professes to love you. If you are truly sorry about making your rejection, change those carnations to white, and add a few chrysanthemums to show the depth of your friendly love.

Do not be surprised if you see the one you rejecte d    Market Harborough Florist wearing daffodils for the next few days, as these signify unrequited love.

Hopefully, though, your response on Valentine’s Day will be in a more positive line. A bouquet of bridal roses speaks of happy love, while a rose-leaf signifies that one may hope – though not confirming anything yet. Pink roses beg the receiver to believe in the sender’s love, while a red rosebud is testimony to the purity and loveliness of the receiver. Tea roses make a wonderful gift at the end of the day, telling your love that you will remember this day forever. And if your love confession emerges half against your will, do not hesitate to convey it with a moss rosebud – a confession of love. Combine Ambrosia and Arbutus to tell your lover that the feelings go both ways, and that you will be true only to the one you love.

If you are feeling flirtatious, you may choose to gift purple carnations. These show caprice – the perfect way to keep your lover hanging on and continuing to woo you. Add in some cheerful crocuses, coquettish day lilies … and, if you really wish to pile on the suspense, some rose leaves for hope.

This time, do not be surprised if you are greeted with some euphoria in return, showing your lover’s persistence and doggedness.

If you feel like being adventurous and slightly off-beat on Valentine’s Day, put together a bouquet that tells a story, and make an explanatory card to go with it. Most people will fall for such a thoughtful gift as soon as they set eyes on it.


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