September 20, 2021 10:47 am

The struggling economic situation has been in the news for quite some time. Individuals and business alike are now, more than ever, looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing their ways of life. For many businesses looking to recover from the economic downturn, attending industry expos is a great way to draw in business and make new connections. But expo marketing requires a significant investment, and purchasing a custom designed display is currently out of reach for many. Fortunately, this increasingly common situation has led to a renewed and expanding market for trade show exhibit rental. Businesses can meet their marketing needs without the large overhead cost of purchasing a display.HVAC Contractors

But cost savings are only one of the reasons trade show exhibit rental has become a thriving industry. Here are just some of the benefits that rentals offer.


Time is one of the most valuable commodities many businesses have, and the time saving convenience of trade show exhibit rental is an appealing draw. Purchasing a custom marketing display can take months between design, fabrication and delivery. Businesses looking to get out on the convention floor quickly have the opportunity to choose the display they want and have it delivered in a fraction of the time. Many event services companies even handle most of the logistics involved in trade show exhibit rental, freeing exhibitors up to focus on networking.

Customization Options

Renting a display allows for nearly endless customization options. Today’s modular booths can be assembled in multiple configurations for a host of different purposes. Large, small, tall, short, round, square or triangular, there’s no end to the design options. Renting a booth frees up companies to experiment with different designs and styles depending on their needs at any given expo.

Multiple Event Capabilities

And speaking of different expos, if two events happen to fall on the same weekend it’s a simple matter of renting multiple displays and assigning staff to attend both events. Even companies who own one display have seen the value in taking advantage of trade show exhibit rental to maintain a presence at multiple shows.

Improvements To An Existing Display

Many of those same companies also use rented displays to augment their existing display, adding additional booth features, display mounts or signage. Rentals can be a cost effective method of expanding a display for companies that more frequently attend smaller events but may need to make a larger impression on occasion.

Trade Show Exhibit Rental: The Perfect First Booth

Some businesses that never saw the value in exhibition marketing now see it as a valuable opportunity to promote their products. As a result, many first time exhibitors are taking advantage of trade show exhibit rental to get a feel for what it’s like to operate a booth before making the financial commitment to their own display.

The increased popularity of display rentals is no accident. Renting marketing materials from a reputable event services company is a great way for businesses to take advantage of the many benefits of professional displays while remaining financially responsible.

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