September 20, 2021 11:36 am

Conclusion and Solutions to hair loss

To a woman beauty is everything; they accessorize, do their hair and buy expensive outfits only to look attractive. With great value placed on this physical beauty, aspects such as hair, nails, complexion and other body feature play the essential part. However, it may not always be as a woman wishes, the breasts may be too small or too JAPANESE SILK WIG saggy, the skin complexion maybe not what she wants it to be, the hair may be kinky and she wants to be blond. This requires a change and a makeover that will help this woman feel more beautiful. In this article, we focus on the hair and wigs and how and why any woman should try cheap silk wigs mostly after hair loss.

We can all agree that 90% of all women place great value on their hair and that is why the hair and fashion industry is ever flourishing. From way back in the ancient times, women found ways of making their hair more beautiful by making it softer, longer and have the perfect color shade they prefer. However, there are conditions and situations that may lead to either hair loss or slow the growth rate. These factors contributed greatly to the invention of wigs, to compensate for the missing desired type of hair.

Some of the causes of hair loss in women

Natural conditions such as aging, heredity and hormonal changes among other, all these can lead to hair loss like a condition known as alopecia. Some of these natural causes cannot be controlled while others hormonal therapy may be helpful to an individual.
· Medications such as those of cancer, depression, and heart problems have been greatly associated with hair loss in women. Chemotherapy for example being used to treat various cancers is the largest contributor to hair loss among women undergoing the cancer treatment.
· Overexposure to hair treatment and other styling chemicals, this has been indicated to cause gradual hair loss as well as the weakening of the hair follicles, thus leading to hair loss. The use of these hair treatment chemicals should be minimized as possible and encourage natural hair growth.


Most of these causes can be avoided through various ways such as proper dieting and keeping off drugs that interfere with hair growth process. However, when these causes cannot be avoided and the hair has already been lost wigs are always the best alternative. They are fitted to your head and they give you the same look just as if you had your own hair. Make sure you get the right wig in terms of design and color to able to feel beautiful again.

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