September 20, 2021 11:35 am

Paid Surveys – Knowing Which Companies Pay the Fastest Helps With Consistent Cash Flow

Taking paid surveys online for a little extra money is a fantastic and legitimate way to earn a little extra money from home. The common complaints most people have, however, is that that the money isn’t consistent, the surveys pay too little, and that the survey companies take too long to pay. While all three of those complaints are valid, they can prove to be extremely detrimental to a survey panelist who desperately needs the extra cash each month, there are ways to ensure you get the better paying surveys, and get paid quickly.

First, make sure you are signed up with multiple companies. Just a handful isn’t enough. You want to be able to pick and choose which surveys are worth your time, not just do them for 50 cents an hour out of desperation. At the very least, you should be getting $1 for short surveys. I personally don’t do surveys for under a dollar-or for sweepstakes entries for that matter- because I need money and I’m am bright enough to know that I am not lucky and will probably never win any sweepstakes. There are exceptions to that rule, for instance, I still take the combo compensation of lower-paying/sweepstakes entries into consideration when the survey company also includes free product testing. The reason being that the products they send me to test – whether food, shampoo or otherwise- generally have a value of $3-$25 or more. If I do a product test, I get to use and keep a product, plus I get the survey pay.

The second way to ensure you are getting paid consistently is to respond quickly to the survey invitations, and make survey your personal profiles are complete with the survey companies. Survey companies send you surveys to take based on the information they have about you. If you have not completed your profile, you run the risk of being sent surveys you don’t even qualify for. This not only wastes your time for no pay, as you repeatedly get booted out of surveys you begin, but you may also lose on other surveys than you did qualify for. Great paying surveys will fill their quotas quickly for the number of participants needed. Waiting too long to respond means you’ve lost your chance at that $7, 15 minute survey, as someone else like you probably already filled the slot. slotxo555

The last way to make sure consistent survey money is coming in, is to check and see how a survey company pays. Every company has their own payment processing schedule, and knowing what they are can help you know which companies you need to prioritize your survey taking with. For instance, if you desperately need cash before the end of the month, then you would want to take the surveys first with the companies that pay through PayPal. If you have some extra in reserves and can wait for a check in the mail, then taking surveys with any company may be fine for you.

There are ways to make money consistently through paid surveys, but keep in mind, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, so don’t expect a high-paying focus group to be swinging your way on a daily basis. Focus groups and paid studies are a very real opportunity that can pay between $50-$300 or more, but despite what some survey websites imply, you should know that some people may never qualify for one – ever. Those paid studies are small and don’t take that many people. Keep your income expectations realistic, and you can easily earn a couple hundred dollars or more in extra cash.

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