September 20, 2021 10:56 am

The Height of Fashion in Platform Lifts

Many will have contemporary stainless steel attachments, glass fronted doors and the best quality engineering, creating a notable piece of machinery. A factor that has emerged as a benefit for platform lift companies and the people using them for their access is that they are so well designed now, they don’t need to be e Passenger Lifts tucked away in a corner and can be used as part of the look and feel of the room or building.

Another part of the platform lift that has been optimised further is the installation of them. It is relatively simple now and is not a labour intensive process. For reaching heights as high as 13 metres, there are freestanding platform lifts, which have their own shaft, meaning they are not architecturally disruptive and can be fitted in under a week.

The City Ground is where Nottingham Forest Football Club plays their football, but it is also a very popular venue for corporate events and other public proceedings in the East Midlands. A freestanding platform lift has been used here to provide disabled access to its hospitality suites and due to its popularity it was absolutely vital that they had this kind of access installed.

If platform lifts hadn’t have moved along so well in recent times then this installation would not have been able to happen, and vast structural re-engineering would have had to happen. However, all that was needed was a 50 millimeter pit in the floor, meaning the foundations did not have to be dug down in to, causing severe disruption.

There is also an option where smaller heights are needed; here a simple screw and nut driven platform can be used with equally as easy installation. Again, the structural change needed is minimal and can be installed inside or outside. Although the phrase “screw and nut” seems simple and old-fashioned, the new versions of these lifts are a far cry from the industrial platforms associated with lifting goods. Nowadays you can choose an open design with stainless steel details and glass safety panels.

Platform lifts can now be adapted for most structural situations, whatever the age, the size and layout of the building. As long as there is scope for a 15000mm turning circle in front of the lift, it doesn’t cause go against fire regulations and the structural foundations are suitable.

So with platform lifts breaking new ground in their aesthetic and design quality, it is time not look negatively on this formally thought of medieval machines, and are a lot closer to the functionality and look of passenger lifts.

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