September 20, 2021 10:49 am

What is the Best Credit Repair Method? – Looking at Three Popular Methods of Credit Repair

What is the best credit repair method? This is probably the number one question of people who have low FICO scores and need to get squared up financially and boost their credit scores. This article will go over a few different methods that you can use to help you make the right choice.

Option One- The first option you have is to just wait it out and do nothing. While this method will take many years it can be done if you have no pressing needs for a good score. However you will have to straighten yourself out and start to pay your bills 10-best-credit-repair-memes on time and work to pay down your consumer debt. Because no matter how much time goes by if you do not pay your bills and get your debt down nothing will change.

Option Two- The second option you have is to pay a credit repair company to work on your troubles for you. While this can work well it can cost you a lot of money, on average it will cost you over $750 for six months worth of work. Additionally there are many companies that are actually nothing more then scams operating only to take your money and will do nothing for your scores, in fact some of these companies can actually hurt your FICO score more then they help it!

Option Three- The third choice that you have and probably the best credit repair method is to do it yourself. Many people are scared of this thought and feel there is no way that they can actually do it themselves. There are however many good books, courses and even computer software that will all help you fix your credit very fast. Most of these kits are very effective and affordable, but again there are some that are full of old useless information so make sure to shop carefully and make the right choice!

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