October 24, 2021 6:03 am

How to Take Superior Care of Your Ugg Boots?

Recently it is snowing so heavy and the roads are all with white snow. Although the landscape of snow is very beautiful, it also bring some disadvantages to our daily life. For example, it took double or even triple time than usual on the road if you go outside. The transport is influenced, and the road is slippery and wet. These days I can’t give up my Ugg Boots as my feet were spoiled by those warm and comfortable boots. But there comes one problem Uggs are not waterproofed. The head of my boots are wet and dirty enough, so I have to clean them. I did a deep research online and summarized these useful tips, which I’d like to share with all of you.

1. Never never dry Uggs close to a heater if they’re wet. Use hair dryers or you can dry them in a shaded area away from the sun and rain. Remember not directly in the sun. Last year, I get my Ugg Boots too close to the heater, they are totally ruined. I could even smell they were burnt.

2. Clean it when even there is only a tiny stain because the longer the stain leaves on it the tougher to clean it.

3. Clean Uggs with suede brush. In order to not do harm to Ugg Boots, you should use suede brush as it is much more softer than other brushes. But make sure to brush in one direction only. If the stain is already not removed, then come to another step. Just combine one cup of white vinegar with one cup of cold distilled water.Then you’ve got your new Ugg cleaner. Use a new sponge to clean uggs with this cleaner.

4. If the stain is really difficult to remove, the last choice is to use shoe powder. As shoe powder has unique colors, so you have to buy it with the right color of the boots,in order to cover the stain correctly.

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