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An investigation of the therapeutic value of the ‘copper

From over 300 arthritis patients, half  of whom previously wore ‘copper bracelets’, three remedy-institution-topics were randomly allocated for a psychological examine. This concerned wearing ‘copper bracelets’ and placebo bracelets (amodised aluminum such as copper) alternately. These organizations, as additionally a manage institution, answered questionnaires. The copper bracelets had been weighed before and after use. Preliminary effects show that, to a sizeable number of topics, the wearing of the ‘copper bracelet’ regarded to have some therapeutic fee. A examine of the components of sweat and the solubility of copper in sweat was performed. In five sweat samples, the copper attention become of the order 2 x 10(-5) M and after equilibrating with copper turnings at room temperature for twenty-four hours the samples turned blue in shade and contained approximately 2 x 10(-3) M copper. The permeability of skin to copper containing solutions has also been discussed. It has also been proven that the carrying of a ‘copper bracelet’ consequences in a weight reduction in excess of the body’s overall burden of copper (a hundred-a hundred and fifty mg). A pair of copper bracelets misplaced eighty mg in 50 days while worn around the ankles and a copper bracelet worn around the wrist also lost about ninety mg in that time.

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