January 26, 2022 5:57 pm

Fruits – The Guide To Good Health

These objectives might stimulate you towards a fruit diet, weight loss, healthy diet, natural cure for obesity and weight control, healthy lifestyle, body cleansing! What more would you ask for? Why else would avoirlasante  you have 5 to 9 fresh slices a day, organically grown as far as possible? Lets consider some facts:

1. Fruit mostly consists of water just like the human body does;

2. Fruit is one hundred percent cholesterol free;

3. Fruit leads to better memory;

4. Fruit has miraculous healing effects

5. Fruit has plenty of fiber

6. Fruit makes you feel better, naturally

7. Fruit is the most natural and tasty food

More often than not, fruit consists of water just like the human body. Just like 80% of our body is water is 80% of fruit. Come to think of it, it’s logical for the human body to have foods that contain as much water as the body.

The nutrition that meets our requirements is fruit, hence there is no other food than fruit that contains on average 80% water. No doubt, vegetables contain a lot of water too and are therefore second best on our list.

Fruit is 100% bad-cholesterol free and there is no argument about this. Too much of cholesterol is bad for our bodies and fruit doesn’t contain one bit cholesterol. On the other hand, animal products such as meat and dairy contain a lot of bad-cholesterol.

Besides, it is now proven that fruit stimulates the memory In case you did not know tit yet, fruit is the ultimate brain fuel. The way it works has yet to be discovered and a number of scientists are looking into it. But, we do know that if you have lots of fruit, your brains will be able to recall information faster and more easily.

The miraculous healing effects of fruit are doing the rounds nowadays. In fact, spectacular stories about folks that got cured from incurable diseases just abiding by a strict diet of raw fruits and/or vegetables are well known.

Then how about fibers? We all know now that a diet with lots of fibers helps against obesity, hypertension, and other things that increase the chance for a heart disease and cancers. The amount of fibers consumed could be an even more important factor than the amount of fat that people consume.

Finally, fruit is the most natural food. When you see a piece of fruit dangling from the branch of a tree it is telling you something: “Eat my fruits and help me spread my seeds.” That is how nature works, humans eat fruits and vegetables and subsequently help plants spread.

Human beings use animals to work the land to grow the plants and trees that produce these vegetables and fruits. No wonder, fruit is the best human diet
A healthy diet should comprise a lot of freshly squeezed fruit juices, raw fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips:

1. It is a good start to eat and drink more fresh fruits;

2. It is very simple, before you know it you will be feeling so much better;

3. Always remember to eat fruit on an empty stomach, not after meals



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