January 26, 2022 5:37 pm

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Why should you have your songs professionally critiqued, what is the value?

When seeking commercial success, the best, most experienced songwriters have their songs critiqued by their peers and others in their networks they respect and trust. They know they are too close to their work to be objective about it. What’s more, when you pour long hours and hard work into anything you are less willing to admit to its flaws than you should be. You become emotionally invested in the song and have certainly lost the ability to judge the impression it will make on a listener the first time they hear it. Melodies start sounding too familiar and love for your own creation begins to become unconditional.

Who You Should Ask To Critique Your Songs?

As a rule of thumb, you should try to  cnccabins seek out the services of someone who has been successful in the market with similar music to your own. I would suggest going with a songwriter or a producer. My next choice would be an accomplished A&R person. These are the three kinds of people who have been successful because they write, record or find the best songs. So, they certainly know one when they hear one or are in the business of polishing good songs to make them great.

Most importantly, this is one of the best ways to discover what you really have on your hands. Getting just a few professional opinions of people who are accomplished in the business can give you the confidence to know your song is ready to be pitched to real opportunities or the insights to make the improvements you need. Many of these professionals can help you in more ways than one. Engaging a professional for a song critique or career coaching can be a way to start a relationship that endures and that can result in real steps forward for you and your music

Music Professionals are here to help starting artists to improve their talents, some of the feedback is not what you expect it to be but for sure it will help you big time in the end. Just like professional athletes needed coaching to turn from amateur to professional, many new artists find the same to be true of their profession. Get the help and get the results.

There are tons of sites to post their music and to sell their music on along with multiple social media venues to share their music and get feedback from their fans and peers. There are also people in the industry small and large who offer help in the form of career coaching, song critiques, music promotion offers and music deals offered by large and independent labels. I am tracking these and will continue to post these from time to time as they come up.

Josh Goode is a multi-Emmy award winning songerwriter/producer whose client list includes: CBS, TXN, the WB, UPN, and the WWCS (the Winstar National Poker Championship) and several others. He has scored music for multiple feature films, and has toured the globe as a performing artist as well. With over 18 years experience writing songs, several years teaching music theory and songwriting, and a catalog of every possible genre imaginable under his belt – Josh is an expert songwriter whose passion for the craft is only surpassed by his passion for helping new aritsts.

Kevin Kewney, Founder of SongNation.com, a “Song Promotion Community” with 500+ members. He is a graduate of Columbia College, Chicago’s music business program. Kevin, a songwriter himself, has been critiquing songs for many years and takes a no-nonsense approach. Structural problems and performance/production issues will be identified helping the songwriter or artist to move forward.

He specialize in Pop, Rock, Alternative Rock, Country and R&B (sorry rappers, I’m not your guy). I’ll give my honest opinion of your material with hopefully some constructive criticism to get you headed in the right direction. I look forward to working with you.

I have written this article on behalf of MusicXray. The two resources listed are on our site and are examples of the people that can give song critiques: Get a Professional Song Critique by Josh Goode Check it out here:


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